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Get to know the WHY behind the GS Solutions passion for high standards and customer service. The founder, Jorge, explains in this interview why he cares about making a difference in the lives of his customers and employees.


Welcome to GS Solutions

GS Solutions was founded in 2008 by Jorge Amezcua in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jorge had a dream of creating a cleaning service that went beyond just average work, he wanted to create a company that considered every aspect of a clean environment. He saw what an incredible impact a clean house, clean office, and clean environment had on individuals, families, and companies. Cleaning is not just about getting the job done for GS Solutions, it's about the joy, health, and productivity it brings to clients!

Whether it's commercial cleaning or residential cleaning, GS Solutions is dedicated to the highest standards. From the cleaning materials that are carefully selected for their quality and scent, to the promptness of the cleaning crew's arrival - GS Solutions takes pride in bringing you excellence.

Want to talk to Jorge personally? He loves connecting with others and is happy to answer any questions!

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