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At GS Solutions located in Des Moines, Iowa, we take pride in offering multifamily building services that go beyond conventional cleaning, providing a complete range of solutions to make your move-in/move-out experience as stress-free as possible. Our services encompass everything from deep cleaning of common areas and apartments to all necessary repairs such as drywall repair and painting. We understand that you want your rental property to look its best, so our experienced team of professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that your high standards are met. With GS Solutions, you can trust that your property will be well-maintained and in excellent condition.

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings

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Cleaning Services


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Cleaning Services Beyond Compare

Our cleaning service doesn't stop at tidying up. We strive to create a space that is immaculately clean and free of dirt and dust. We set a high standard for cleanliness and don't miss a single detail. Our team is passionate about their work, ensuring that our clients receive a level of cleanliness that exceeds their expectations.

We take the time to make sure that every corner is spotless and every item is in its rightful place. When you choose our cleaning service, you can be assured that your living spaces will be transformed into a haven of cleanliness, providing a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.


Drywall Repair Expertise

If you are looking for an effective way to fix any damaged walls, our drywall repair services are the perfect solution. With our expertise, your walls can be restored to look just like they did before any damage occurred.

We are committed to providing superior drywall repair services that will leave your walls looking smooth, flawless, and aesthetically pleasing. With our drywall repair services, you can enjoy the beauty of your living environment with confidence.

Why Choose GS Solutions?

At GS Solutions, we offer more than just cleaning. Our holistic approach combines cleaning, drywall repair, and painting to provide a complete solution for your multifamily building needs. Here's why you should choose us:

With over 20 years in the industry, GS Solutions has earned trust as Des Moines' most reliable cleaning professionals. Our commitment to precision and excellence sets us apart. We prioritize the highest standards in every aspect of our services. Our customer-centric approach means your needs are at the forefront of everything we do. Your happiness is our success, and we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Our one-stop-shop approach ensures a streamlined process for move-in/move-out services. Dedicated teams for each project guarantee efficiency and attention to detail, making the entire experience hassle-free for you.


Office Services

A standard move-out clean includes thoroughly cleaning every part of the space. Deep cleaning is also required in some areas, like cabinets and drawers, countertops, and appliances. Everything will be dusted and doors will be spot cleaned. Heavy traffic surface areas in the kitchen and bathrooms will be sanitized.

A move-out clean may take several hours, give or take, depending on the size of the space and how clean it is to begin with. Because GS Solutions offers free move-out cleaning estimates, you can find out what it will cost and how long it should take for your service.

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Dusting or General Cleaning:

  • Remove Cobwebs: GS Solutions will dust off cobwebs from walls corners or light fixtures with a feather duster.
  • Dust Ceiling Fans: GS Solutions will clean ceiling fans by hand when reachable with a two-step ladder, otherwise it will only be dusted off with a feather duster.
  • Dust Doors, Frames & knobs: Knobs, doors, door frames and will be cleaned by hand when reachable with a 2-step ladder.
  • Dust Shutters or Blinds: We will clean by hand shutters and horizontal blinds GS Solutions will get rid of 90% of dust in shutters and 80% of the dust in horizontal blinds. We will touch shutters and blinds reachable with a 2-step ladder. We do not clean vertical blinds. You can also request for the shutters or blinds not to be cleaned
  • Dust window sills: Our team members will clean window sills in your home, please note this task does not include cleaning the window tracks.
  • Clean closets and inside cabinets: We will clean in the closet and inside cabinets when those are completely empty.
  • Clean light switches: We will clean and disinfect light switches.
  • Dust Baseboards: We will clean baseboards by hand when needed or only vacuumed depending on the condition.
  • Empty Trash: We will collect trash in every room and put it in the dumpster or the alley.
  • Spot Wall cleaning: We will spot clean on the walls, we can also do a deep cleaning on the wall depending on the condition, and we cannot guarantee it will come out 100% good.


  • Clean mirrors and outside of cabinets: We will clean mirrors, inside and outside of the cabinets since it is an empty home.
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets: We will clean and disinfect inside and outside of the toilet including under the rim.
  • Clean and Disinfect Tubs: We will clean and disinfect tubs.
  • Clean and Disinfect Showers: We will clean walls in showers, we will clean glass doors inside and outside, we will also work on the soap scum, water mineral deposits in the shower and mild dew in the corners as long it is not under the calking or under the paint or drywall.
  • Bathroom Sinks & Counters: We will clean Counters and sinks and work on the water mineral deposits around the faucet.
  • Disinfect Bathroom Floors: We will vacuum and disinfect floor in the bathroom by hand.


  • Damp Wipe Cabinet Doors: We will damp wipe cabinet doors and inside of cabinets please also note we will not clean on top of cabinets or scrub the cabinets to prevent dullness on the wood.
  • Inside and Outside of Appliances: GS Solutions team will be happy to clean the inside and outside of the appliances such as: Refrigerator, oven, microwave
  • Kitchen Counters: Our team will be pleased to clean counter tops.
  • Kitchen Sinks: We will clean sinks and faucets and work on the hard water mineral deposits around the faucet; we will also spray disinfectant inside the drain for a neutral smell coming out of the drain in the sink.
  • Arcadia Doors: We will clean the arcadia door, please note this task only includes the cleaning of the sliding door NOT the sliding door and window next to it.
  • Kitchen Floors: We will vacuum kitchen floors and clean it by hand.
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Residential Services

Bathroom cleanliness is pertinent for various reasons. It not only improves your morning organization and mental clarity, but it is also a very telling feature of your home. It is here that guests can further determine your level of cleanliness and the accents of your personality. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial bathroom cleaning, GS Solutions is a company you can trust to ensure that each tile and crevice is spotlessly cleaned. We make the promise that you will have the peace of mind you need each time you enter, and so each guest feels comfortable with each visit.

We have a checklist we use to ensure each task has been thoroughly attended to, and with the use of top-of-the-line products. One of the most utilized and important elements of the home is, of course, the toilet. We ensure the toilet bowl, handle and entire surface are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and polished. When it comes to the shower, we don’t consider a job completed until all mold, mildew, soap scum, hard water stains, and deposits are completely removed and all surfaces have been buffed and polished resulting in a smooth, pristine, glimmering shower. All windows, lights and mirrors will be dusted and polished to perfection. Last but not least, the bathroom walls, baseboards, ceiling, and blinds will be steamed/hand-washed and polished so that your entire bathroom will be without one particle of dust or dirt. Please be rest assured, all of your belongings will be respected and untouched without your consent or specific direction.

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Choosing GS Solutions means choosing excellence for your Des Moines, IA multifamily building services. Our team of highly-trained professionals will provide you with top-notch cleaning services that will make your living space feel like a haven. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond providing routine cleaning. We focus on creating an atmosphere that reflects your style and helps make the transition into your new home easier. Get a free quote today, and let us transform your home into a place of cleanliness and beauty.

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